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Effect of Nanodisks at Different Positions on the Fano Resonance of Graphene Heptamers



Author(s): Zhou, HJ (Zhou, Hengjie); Qiu, WB (Qiu, Weibin); Wang, ZY (Wang, Zeyu); Ren, JB (Ren, Junbo); Zhao, ZY (Zhao, Zeyang); Lin, ZL (Lin, Zhili); Qiu, PP (Qiu, Pingping); Kan, Q (Kan, Qiang)

Source: APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL Volume: 9 Issue: 20 DOI: 10.3390/app9204345 Published: OCT 2019

Abstract: The formation of Fano resonance based on graphene heptamers with D6h symmetry and the effect of nanoparticles at different positions on the collective behavior are investigated in this paper. The significances of central nanodisks on the whole structure are studied first by varying the chemical potential. In addition, the effect of six graphene nanodisks placed in the ring on collective behaviors is also investigated. The influence of the nanodisks at different positions of the ring on the Fano resonance spectrum of the whole oligomer is researched by changing the chemical potential and radius. The proposed nanostructures may find broad applications in the fields of chemical and biochemical sensing.

Accession Number: WOS:000496269400148

eISSN: 2076-3417

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